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Case Studies

Hazlewood Campsie Spring - Tank Farm Management Upgrade

The Challenge
When Hazlewood Campsie Spring, the UK´s largest provider of customer brand mineral water, packing over 120 million litres a year, required updating the control system within their tank farm they turned to only one company - Industrial Software Solutions Ltd.
The old tank farm control system had inherent problems such as water wastage, lack of flow control and high energy expenditure. Mineral water was stored in large storage tanks for use by the factory production lines, the control was then a manual start / stop function from push-buttons.

The requirement of the customer was to automate the process utilising modern technology and increase energy efficiency.

The Solution

After careful examination of the shortfalls of the old system, Gavin Stewart, Technical Director of ISS put the plans for the tank farm upgrade into practice based around Mitsubishi Electric’s latest energy saving Variable Speed Drives.

The new system philosophy was to replace the existing manual control panel for the 8 off Star/Delta starters with a PLC control solution using the Variable Speed Drives.

The drive information was required to be available for display on a SCADA system therefore all 8 drives were linked onto the existing CC Link network. The new system allowed the operator of the SCADA to modify the speed of the pumps to control the flow of water from the tank farm into any particular line. This not only allowed for greater control of the water flow into the plant, but allowed the pump to be maintained at a slower speed rather than on/off control with the star/delta system.

The ISS scope of supply for the project included the following:

  • System Design
  • Software System Commissioning


Several Benefits of the new control system have become immediately apparent to plant engineers and operators. These include:

  • Improved Energy Efficiency
  • Increased system reliability
  • Improved control over the whole system

The system has been so well received by the senior managers of the plant that they will soon be expanding the system to connect the tank farm control system to the upper levels of the management network, via an Ethernet connection, for data collection.

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